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Available Courses
Solstices 101
This course will cover the basics on Solstices from a scientific and
cultural prospective.
Scientific evidence in support of meditation
A brief History of meditation
Techniques and Tips

It will be a brief reading on each part and questions following. It may take up to an hour. This is not a comprehensive guide, only a brief over view. A "enhanced study list" will be included at the end of the course.
Scientific Method

This mini-course provides a basic overview of the scientific method.
Introduction to Spiritual Humanism 101

This course is a basic introduction to Spiritual Humanism. It is highly recommended that all clergy ordained by the Church complete this course. It should take you less than an hour to complete. The information presented here is based upon "The Offciant's Manual" which is available for purchase on the Shop page of the Church’s official web site. The Manual includes additional ceremonies and information not published in this course. The course is broken up into three sections:

• History of the Church
• About the Church of Spiritual Humanism
• Being a Spiritual Humanist Ordained Clergy Person

You must correctly answer all quiz questions to satisfactorily complete this course.

Beta testing site for the Church of Spiritual Humanism's School of Ministry, an online school for the preparation of our ministers. Courses, forums, and resources for Ordained Clergy Persons to become educated in the doctrines of Spiritual Humanism and the skills necessary to promote, minister to, and grow their congregations. The purpose of this site is not for being ordained as a minister. Go to the main Spiritual Humanism web site for online ordination or if you need to purchase an ordination certificate
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